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Host unlimited domain names and web sites within one business shared web hosting account with Lonex - a reputable hosting and domain name registration supplier.Hosting is a kind of online service that enables individuals and organizations to make their websites viewable on the World Wide Web. Web hosting service providers are companies that offer hard disk storage space on a web hosting server physically located in a data center and ensure uninterrupted Internet connection.


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Unmetered disk space and monthly traffic under a single personal shared web hosting account with Lonex - a reliable hosting and domain name registration services provider.As its name denotes, website hosting is a solution, which involves hosting web content. There are various forms and types of website hosting, depending on the mission and on the usage. In spite of that, they all refer to hosting files, which, once hosted, are made accessible throughout the World Wide Web.


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Lonex's unlimited business web hosting account is offered for only $4.95/month. Host unlimited domains & sub-domains (websites). Unlimited web space and bandwidth.A web host is actually a web server that is linked to the World Wide Web and has its own personal IP address, which allows people to access it via the World Wide Web. The hosting server's architecture and its system resources depend on the type of web hosting service it's going to be utilized for.


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Since the number of web pages on the web has increased rapidly in the last several years, the demand for web page hosting services has also lead to the birth of countless web hosting firms. These are companies that offer you disk space for your own website on their web hosting servers.Lonex's unmetered business hosting account costs only $4.95/month. Host unmetered domain names & subdomains (websites). Unmetered storage & bandwidth.


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The Internet is a vital factor in every individual's everyday life. It gives you the possibility to make some cash on the side, but can also be a main source of revenue.Host unlimited domain names & sub domains in a single shared business web hosting account with Lonex - a reputable web hosting and domain name registration supplier. Web site hosting: this is the solution that you need if you desire to own a site.


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Lonex's unlimited business hosting plan costs just $4.95/mo. Host unmetered domains and sub-domains (web sites). Unlimited space and monthly traffic.If you don't want to deal with server maintenance duties, the smartest step to take is to open an account with a hosting company. These are companies that offer clients powerful web servers with different hardware configurations for a certain tax. The hosting servers are physically located in datacenters with special cooling and emergency power supply systems to ensure constant network uptime.