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Dedicated Hosting Servers

HQ Dedicated Hosting

If you need a dedicated server with powerful hardware configuration and generous amounts of resources, like disk space, traffic, and memory, at a cost effective price, you should choose Resellers Panel as your web hosting provider.With the dedicated server hosting service, you rent a whole physical machine whose system resources will be used solely by your sites.


Japan Dedicated Servers Reseller

With the hosting reseller services accessible at ResellersPanel, you'll uncover the most advantageous, and the most profitable way to become a dedicated server hosting reseller. You will not have to spend a dollar in advance, be a hosting server administration authority or own any innovative tech capabilities.


Linux Dedicated Hosting

The Operation System of a website hosting server is essential to the security and reliability of the sites, hosted on it. As most of hosting platforms are Windows based, this is also a big problem for their security. That is why, we, Linux-DedicatedHosting.com have devoted our time and resources to find a stable and secure hosting platform for you.


Domain Names

Free .COM Domain Name

A domain typically has two constituents - a Top-Level Domain Name (TLD) and a Second-Level Domain (SLD). If you have domain.com, for instance, ".com" is the Top-Level Domain and "domain" is the Second-Level Domain. The most popular and widely spread gTLDs (generic Top Level Domains) are the dot COM domain names.


.NET Domain Search

There are several groups of Top-Level Domains that you should consider prior to selecting the domain you desire.Top-Level Domain Names cover most realms of life, so you should settle on the one that would depict the aim of your web page best. The .Net Domain Search is an option that will allow you to make check for the availability of free .NET domains quickly and easily.


.BIZ Domain Check

Let's take a glimpse at the gTLDs, or generic Top-Level Domain Names - these are the most typical Top-Level Domain Names intended to designate a given purpose - .com (business enterprises), .net (network infrastructures), .biz (companies), .info (informative websites), .org (organizations), .mobi (handheld devices), .asia (the Asia Pacific region), .name (individuals or families), .pro (given professions), and so on.If you have chosen to use one of the most popular domain name in the Internet such as the .BIZ you have to know that the available combinations for registration constantly grow smaller in numbers.


Free Web Hosting

Free WordPress Hosting

Blogging has become a part of the everyday life of many people. Journalists have blogs where they write commentaries, politicians have blogs where they share their opinion on popular topics and communicate with their electorate and corporations have blogs, which are intended to create a more personal face for the company.


Best Free Hosting

Free hosting is rarely absolutely free. Some providers, for example, put forced ads on your website, while others require you to take part in surveys or forums. FreeHostia is one of the hosting providers, which really give away the hosting service for free.


Free FTP Hosting

This amazing innovative technology helps minimize expenses and makes it possible for FreeHostia to offer top free web hosting with premium-grade quality. The strongest point is that you obtain a top free hosting solution - this would exclude any costs associated with running a personal site, a weblog, a forum, or even a small-size corporate page.


Reseller Hosting Solutions

Does Reseller Hosting Work

Set your price on domain names, certificates, virtual servers, dedicated server hosting accounts and unlimited website hosting packages and sell them on behalf of your own private label. The key is to find an automated reseller hosting solution, such as the one offered by ResellersPanel.


Best UK Reseller Hosting

VPut your own price on domain names, digital certificates, VPS servers, dedicated hosting services and unmetered web hosting reseller packages and sell them on behalf of your own reseller brand. US, UK, Scandinavian and Australian data center facilities.There are many means of gaining profit on the Internet and one of them is to sell the web hosting solutions furnished by some hosting company. This offers infinite possibilities for everyone who wishes to make more profit.


How Does Reseller Hosting Work

Top reseller hosting services. Low-set reseller prices. Become a seller of domains, SSL certificates, virtual servers, dedicated hosting services and unmetered website hosting plans on behalf of your reseller brand name.There are different sorts of reseller hosting solutions, depending on the web hosting reseller's degree of involvement and, of course, on the hosting corporation that offers the hosting service.


VPS Web Hosting

VPS Hosting List

A List of the top VPS hosting providers. A Review of the best VPS hosting graphical user interface tools.VPS server web hosting with the Apache web server - every hosting service requires a web server that will serve the web pages to the web browsers and Apache is one of the most popular web servers; as a matter of fact, back in 2009, it was the first to surpass the 100 million website milestone.


Cheap VPS Hosting

Cheap VPS server hosting packages with an excellent web hosting interface.To answer the need for affordable, but reliable hosting services, providers initiated a midway site hosting environment - the Virtual Private Server. This is a virtual imitation of a server that behaves precisely like a dedicated servers and is much more powerful than any shared web space hosting plan.


Virtual Private Servers Hosting

Virtual Private Server Hosting services with the latest hosting menu-driven interface out there. As lots of accounts are hosted on the very same physical web server and each user pays for their account, the price for a virtual private web server hosting solution is significantly lower than the price for a dedicated hosting server.


Web Hosting

Small Business Hosting Services

Running your very own personal web portal is essential nowadays. The introduction of the Internet in our everyday lives denotes that, in order for someone to become noticed, or to make his voice heard, one has to devise a website and bring it online. Comprehensive reviews of the best small business web hosting services available. Reviews based on up-time, speed, redundancy, support, price...


Personal Web Hosting Field

Website hosting is a set of services that makes it tenable for a web portal to go live and be accessible from any country around the globe. When you type a domain name in a browser's URL bar, what you notice are the website files that are accommodated on the hosting servers of a hosting corporation. Lonex's unmetered personal hosting account is offered for only $3.95 per month. Unlimited space & monthly bandwidth. One domain name web hosting with a breeze domain name management sections.


Web Host Warehouse

Host unlimited domains and sub domains in a single business hosting account with Lonex - a responsible web hosting and domain registration services supplier. Additional services that are offered by each web site hosting package are FTP access, the ability to set up custom DNS records, domain parking and forwarding functionalities, etc.